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TODAY we will focus on the importance and benefits of posterior chain training.

According to Jerry Diaz, a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, it is  important to create a fitness program that provides posterior training to strengthen an individual’s lower back, glutes, hamstring and upper back.

 The goal is to develop a proper neutral stance by standing straight without hunching forward or shoulders rounded forward, he said.

This will allow the individual to perform at the highest level in all settings including work at the office, chores at home, or sporting-related activities, he added.

Diaz said the posterior chain consists of muscle groups that start from the individual’s neck all the way down to the ankles, and includes one’s backside.

He said these muscle groups are connected by  tendons and ligaments and make a chain that  is essential to generate speed, strength and power.

Sitting for extensive periods of time can weaken the posterior chain, Diaz added.

The posterior chain muscles, he said, are responsible for much of the body’s coordination, stabilization and balance.

This is the reason why it is important to incorporate posterior training in one’s fitness or athletic program, Diaz said.

When you have strong posterior muscles, you’ll be less prone to  shoulder, knee and lower back injuries, he added.

For more information and professional fitness inquiries, contact Jerry Diaz through Instagram at @BBJ_Athletics or Facebook.

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