Growing Spinach In Containers: Berkeley Gardening

BERKELEY, CA — Spinach is a delicious addition to smoothies, omelettes, skillet dishes, Italian recipes and other delights. A good source of vitamins and minerals, it is a healthy ingredient to have on hand.

Have you considered growing spinach in your Berkeley garden this winter? Whether you have a giant yard, a small patio or a balcony, you can grow spinach in a container.

Spinach is easy to grow from seeds. It pops out of the soil in just five to 10 days, making it a rewarding crop for both gardeners and their young children who are learning about the source of their food.

If you are growing spinach in the ground or raised beds, you can plant a new row every two weeks to ensure a steady crop through the winter. Depending on when you plant your seeds, you can harvest spinach for five or six months in Berkeley, providing you with a steady flow of healthy vegetables and easing the strain on your food budget.

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When the weather gets hot, spinach will “bolt” or go to seed, signaling the end of the growing season.

If you prefer to grow your spinach in a container, Alameda County Master Gardener Madhvika offers tips for your success.

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