Luxurious Caribbean Resorts, Hilton X Peloton, 8 Travel Scams And More

The Most Luxurious Caribbean Hotels

When you want to get away from it all, there’s never a bad time for a Caribbean vacation. So before the weather outside is frightful, start booking a beach escape. From Anguilla to Turks and Caicos, here are some of the most luxurious Caribbean resorts.

This $107,000 Golf Adventure Includes a European Cruise

It’s usually wise to avoid water hazards during a round of golf, but many of the best luxury golf packages include travel on European cruise ships. Among the options are rounds at top courses in Scotland, Ireland, Norway and France. But for the ultimate experience—and $107,000 for two people—the 2023 European Golf Medley Cruise includes 62 days of sailing, 45 ports, up to 25 rounds of golf at many of the world’s best courses—and one great story to tell at every 19th hole along the way.

Hilton Adds Peloton Bikes to Every U.S. Hotel

Don’t want to miss a spin class next time you’re on the road? By the end of 2022, Hilton will feature Peloton bikes in all 5,400 hotels in the United States. The bikes will be available across all 18 Hilton brands, including the luxury Waldorf Astoria and Conrad properties. And when staying at Hilton properties this fall, Hilton Honors members will be eligible to earn bonus points through a special promotion which can be used for free stays or Peloton merchandise.

Travel Wise

Travel can be stressful enough without worrying about someone trying to rip you off on vacation, particularly in an international destination. From fake charging ports to ATM skimmers, here are 8 travel scams to know about—and how to guard against them.

Meet the Tattoo Artist Who Celebrates Wanderlust

Sure, take that photograph in front of the Taj Mahal or the Trevi Fountain—but for a truly unique travel memory how about a tattoo of one of your favorite destinations? South Korean tattoo artist Minyoung Sim—who works under the moniker EQ Tattooist—has been inking landscapes into beautiful vertical frames that celebrate wanderlust for several years. Honeymoon destinations are among her most popular requests. “I think travel tattoos are becoming more popular as we venture out into the world again,” she explains, “and telling a story through a visual montage, an inked collage, is the best way to hold onto that memory, forever.”

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