I’m a gardening expert – consider growing a specific perennial next season – the plant benefits your entire garden

A GARDENING expert has shared his pro tips for naturally fertilizing your garden next season.

TikToker Marv, who uses the handle @plantedinthegarden, said if you grow a comfrey plant, a type of perennial, you can turn it into a liquid fertilizer to use in rest of your garden.

You can cut the flowers off the plant


You can cut the flowers off the plantCredit: TikTok/plantedinthegarden
The plant can be harvested into fertilizer


The plant can be harvested into fertilizerCredit: TikTok/plantedinthegarden
You should harvest the leaves to make the fertilizer


You should harvest the leaves to make the fertilizerCredit: TikTok/plantedinthegarden

“Comfrey is a dynamic accumulator,” he captioned the video.

“The roots draw up nutrients which go into the leaves. 

“These nutrients can then be returned to your growing areas. 

“Leaves can be added to compost, used as mulch or can be made into liquid fertilizer.

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“If you’re looking to make natural organic fertilizer, then you might want to give this a try.”

Marv assured fans the plant is “really easy to grow.”

He suggested gardeners remove the flowers from the plant to prevent it from spreading seeds.

The leaves of the plant are what contain its nutrients, such as “nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus,” so they are what you want to harvest.

Marv also uses the leaves to make a natural cream to apply to broken skin that acts as a healing salve.

In order to turn the leaves into the liquid fertilizer, he first stacked two five-gallon buckets on top of each other, and drilled holds on the bottom of the top one.

He used fabric like sieve by covering the holes to “prevent debris from reaching the bottom.”

Next, Marv laid the comfrey leaves on the bottom, and used a weight to hold them down, as he filled the bucket with water.

The garden pro then allowed the leaves to “ferment and decompose” for three weeks.

After that, Marv said you can use the mixture in your garden, but advised you mix it with three-parts water.

For younger plants, the mixture should include six-parts water.

Some commenters seemed eager to try out the tip.

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“Amazing!! I have comfrey in my garden now. I will definitely make this” one said.

Marv makes gardening content with his wife, Char, for their 254,000 followers.

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