Waco Gardening Fair for kids teaches plant love

This is the 14th annual Garden Fair that strives to help kids learn that they can grow plants too.

WACO, Texas — Most kids might not even know how to grow their own plants. The master gardeners of McLennan County work their hardest to change that. 

“We like to make sure they’re understanding the process,” Event Chairman and Master Gardener Laynie Miller said. 

Working with kids is something the gardeners make sure they do often.

“Our Master Gardeners do a lot of projects with children, we have a few schools that we have programs with,” Miller said. “We’ve worked with a summer camp, and yeah, we believe that you know, start ’em young. Many kids don’t know that the vegetables don’t come from the grocery store. They come from the ground.”

Growing in Central Texas is especially tricky. It’s hot and there’s not a ton of rain. Master Gardener Hilary McDaniel, who led the rain water preservation station says finding ways to preserve rain water when it comes around is essential.

“Water is our sustenance and when you live in these alkaline soils you need to combat that was something,” McDaniel said. “That something is preserving rain water when we get it.”

Sunday’s 14th annual Children’s Gardening Fair is about teaching and giving kids a chance to learn things they don’t think about often.

Learning about helpful insects, and best practices for growing can go a long way. 

Miller says the best part about putting on this event year after year is seeing all the kids smile.

“Their questions are the best and their smiles and the, you know, ‘look at this.’ I mean, just the excitement that they create. That’s what keeps all of us motivated to keep doing it,” Miller said.

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