£2 Bus, €1 Train Tickets, Free Travel In Spain—Budget Europe Travel Now

For anyone with the time and inclination to slow travel around Europe, there are some supreme deals to be had, as governments across the region try to help curb public transport prices in the cost of living crisis and encourage green travel to meet CO2 targets.

Visit Hadrian’s Wall By Bus

Until March 2023, all British bus journeys have been capped at £2 ($2.2) making the bus the most economical way to see the country. It’s part of a £60 million British scheme to incentivize travelers to use public transport and become greener, as well as to help with the rise in the cost of living—bus companies will receive the funding to cap journeys at this price.

The Telegraph has compiled a list of the ten most beautiful bus journeys including The Lakes, the Peak District and Durham’s Heritage Coast. The number 685 travels all-year-round along Hadrian’s Wall, one of the best known landmarks marking the furthest point of the Roman empire in Britain (it divided Roman Britannia from undefeated Caledonia in the north of the island).

The 4-Hour, €1 Train From France To Spain?

There is a regional train that runs from Avignon, in the south of France, into Portbou, the first Spanish train station over the border. It takes four hours and travels past Roman aqueducts, Mediterranean salt pans and fortresses, and the midway point is Salvador Dalí’s beloved Perpignan which he called ‘the centre of the world’. From then on, the leisurely train heads past Collioure, which is worth a stop. It’s a small fishing port that housed the Knights Templar and where Matisse, Picasso, Dufy all came to paint.

Spanish railways use a wider gauge on their tracks than the European average, so passengers from France must change at Portbou, the end of the line, to pick up trains throughout Spain. The one-way fare is currently €45.70 ($44) but just occasionally, you can pick up a ticket for €1 online.

Spain has initiated free rail travel on suburban and middle-distance trains until the end of the year—funded by a windfall tax in energy and bank companies, so this is also a good place and time to pick up a slow train to Barcelona or beyond, for free.

Germany’s €9 train ticket

The €9 budget rail ticket for unlimited train travel across Germany was deemed to be wildly successful when it ran from June to August 2022. It is estimated that of the 52 million tickets sold, one fifth of those passengers were not normally users of public transport and it is believed to have saved 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide—because of its success, a new scheme is expected to be introduced soon.

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