Gardening in fall can be as successful as summer

FORTY FORT, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As the fall and winter weather approaches, gardening in the colder months may seem impossible, but experts say that’s not true.

According to Ed Kopec, President and Owner of Edward’s Garden Center in Forty Fort, when approached correctly, it can actually be more successful than during the summer.

Kopec tells eyewitness news that planting can be done until the ground freezes, which does not usually happen until around thanksgiving.

That’s when the plants then go into a dormant stage.

“What happens is the plants will just stay dormant in the ground and then next year, when the beautiful weather comes, april, may, and june, they have a good chance to get their roots established before the hot summer months come again,” said Kopec.

Fertilizing and hydrating plants should be at the top of your gardening list going into the next few months in order to give them the additional energy and moisture they may need.

Even during the colder seasons, it is important to take care of your plants just as you would take care of yourselves.

Just as we need to eat and drink, our plants do as well.

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