I’m a gardening expert – my easy hack will make your patios and paths less slippery in seconds

WITH winter creeping just around the corner, patios and garden paths are getting more slippery, making them extremely dangerous.

Fortunately, an expert has revealed a trick to tackle the problem – and not only is it effective but also easy.

Not only is the hack easy but also effective


Not only is the hack easy but also effectiveCredit: Getty

Appearing on the BBC hit programme, Gardeners’ World, the TV presenter, Monty Don, explained what homeowners should do to give their patios a better grip.

Treat slippery paths

Monty said: “As we go into autumn, stone and brick paths can get slippery and very dangerous.

“A simple way of dealing with this is to get some sharp sand, which you can get from a builder’s merchant, sprinkle a little – you don’t need a lot – onto the path.

“Using a stiff yard broom, scour it back and forth, and this will act as an abrasive and make them much safer and be effective for quite a few weeks at a time.”

Sharing his expertise, the 67-year-old revealed that gardening enthusiasts can also dislodge any moss growing on paving by simply slipping a sharp knife between cracks.

A pressure washer can also be used to remove any algae and slippery moss.

As we approach winter, the whizz also listed some of the tasks you must complete this week.

Move forget-me-not seedlings

Forget-me-nots flower from around mid-spring to early summer (April – June) and produce delicate blue blooms.

Avid gardeners will have already sown these in September and they will now need to be moved to avoid spreading.

“Forget-me-nots have a habit of seeding themselves across borders.

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“This may be the effect you want, but now is a good time to take clumps and redistribute them, so that you have a more even spread and a better display next May.”

Make comfrey feed

High in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, comfrey is perfect for most plants in your garden.

Monty said: “There are lots of fresh comfrey leaves in the garden now, but they will soon disappear and won’t grow again until next spring which means that if you want to make a comfrey feed, that may not be ready until June.

“However, if you gather leaves now, cram them into a bucket, as many as you can, chop them up a bit, and then top that up with water, that will give you the material for a good comfrey feed that you can use as soon as plants start to grow early next spring.”

The 67-year-old listed which gardening tasks to complete this week and how to make your patio less slippery


The 67-year-old listed which gardening tasks to complete this week and how to make your patio less slipperyCredit: BBC

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