TravelPulse Podcast: Inside the Life of a Travel Journalist

Welcome back to another episode of the TravelPulse Podcast!

This week, TravelPulse Executive Editor Eric Bowman is joined by three of his fellow Northstar Travel colleagues: Emma Weissmann, host of the Humans of Travel podcast, Jamie Biesiada, co-host of Trade Secrets podcast with Emma, and Rebecca Tobin, host of The Folo podcast.

Together the group discusses the latest trending news stories in the travel industry, including new travel advisory updates, travel deals, and more.

Later, the group dives into what it is like being a travel journalist, debunking the common myths about the job, their favorite places work has taken them and much more.

The discussion on life as a travel journalist begins around the 21-minute mark.

This week’s episode is sponsored by La Casa de la Playa. Learn more about this luxury all-inclusive resort here.

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