A Yoga Mum and Gardening Dad Meet Their Dream Selves in Quirky HomeCentre Campaign

What would your dream self look like? Would it be a version of you that actually makes it to the gym, gets more done around the house, finds time to read more books or even gets that promotion? What if you could meet your dream self by simply sleeping better? 

That’s right, a good night’s sleep is proven to boost your memory, energy and overall happiness. In short, it brings out the best version of you. In a new quirky campaign from FP7 McCann Dubai, Home Centre invites consumers to meet their dream self with the help of their range of sleep solutions.

In a dry comedic tone, the two online films show what it might be like to bump into your dream self for real. In one film, a dad on his way to do some early morning gardening unexpectedly meets his dream self in the garden already tending to a magnificent hedge sculpture.

In the other film, a mom encounters her dream self, who is looking blissfully serene while holding an impossible yoga pose. The initial response is that of total shock. I mean let’s face it, it’s a pretty surreal sight at 7am. Their dream selves look happier, energetic and athletic, almost to the point of showing off without trying. The protagonists’ total dismay is soon replaced by a feeling of general sheepishness, and we can’t blame them, bearing witness to the better version of themselves they might have been. 

The campaign is supported by radio, where a narrator leads you through a day that could be your day if you were your dream self. It features boardroom standing ovations, lunch with the boss, exercise and even time for an exotic hobby. 

On-ground, they also launched an off-the-wall ‘Sleepwalkers’ activation at the Mall of the Emirates. This involved actors dressed in PJs, looking dishevelled, walking across the mall with a duvet and pillows in tow. They ‘fell asleep’ at various locations in the mall – from escalators, to the food court and even a Ski lift! This sight stopped people in their tracks and got above 785% interactions on social with the aid of reputed influencers who posted organically and sparked conversations across different demographics, encouraging more visitors to witness it for themselves.

Overall, the new campaign poses the question, wouldn’t you rather be the dream version of yourself? And rest assured (excuse the pun) we’re saying you can be, with a little help from Home Centre’s range of sleep solutions. There’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix.


Agency: FP7 McCann Dubai

Chief Creative Officer: Federico Fanti

Creative Director: Paulo Engler Pinto

Associate Creative Director: Stefan Schutte

Head of Arabic: Manar Abdulla

Design Lead: Jimmy Cobos

Business Director: Vicky Kriplani

Senior Account Manager: Asma Zaghdoud

Account Manager: Riddhi Maynak

Strategy Director: Sameer Islam

Executive Producer: Amin Soltani

Producer: Jessica Younis

Post-Producer: Michel Enkiri

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