Is It Possible For Students To Travel On A Budget?

Some say that traveling and being a student are incompatible because you need a lot of money to go abroad.

But this prejudice can be disproved. An intelligent student can do anything. For this, you just need to be innovative and find exciting offers.

1. Scientific conferences, competitions, grants

Many universities have international connections with other educational institutions, so they can organize trips for their students to participate in various inter-university projects and conferences. The main thing is to find out about the university’s programs and the countries they work with. Then you need to do a project, write an article, edit it properly (by yourself or with the help of some decent “pay someone to write my paper” services), and submit your candidacy for participation.

Universities often pay the cost of such trips in whole or in part. You can also independently find on the Internet in the open access different conferences that will be held in other countries and provide information about them to the department that interest the university.

When applying for a visa, you should specify that the visit’s purpose is academic so you do not have to pay state fees. Several inexpensive countries often hold conferences: Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, etc.

2. Exchange Programs

Many international projects help students gain language, academic, and volunteer experience in other countries. Many of these allow you to learn the language and get to know the country and its traditions and make new friends and earn money.

3. Summer Jobs

Tour operators or hotel complexes often offer students the opportunity to visit the country during the vacation season from May to October to work for them as animators, maids, waiters, or to learn new professions. Such an invitation means free accommodation and meals, but you have to pay for the flight.

You can get an invitation by sending a request to countries such as the UAE, Turkey, Portugal, or Germany. But there are also negative aspects of such trips. It is always better to go to proven resorts or those organized through the university. Otherwise, you can get to unscrupulous owners of boarding houses or hotels.

4. Save money on travel, food, and lodging

If, as a student, you have not found a suitable option to visit the desired country thanks to the university but have a small saving, you can go on your own trip. To do this, you should choose a country in advance, get acquainted with its traditions and laws, and book a room in an inexpensive hostel. Travel in most European countries is very expensive, so going there, it is better to buy a comprehensive economy ticket for a few days, which will allow you to travel in all forms of transport for free.

The 6 Cheapest Countries in Europe


Hungary is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for tourists and accommodation. It would seem that it should be much inferior to other European countries. But no! The service is on par, the architecture is beautiful, and everything is neat. Beautiful national parks, health resorts, and ancient cities.


Tourists love Bulgaria because it is the cheapest European country for traveling and living. But, according to the best writing services, it attracts not only by its budget rest. There is an absolute combo: friendly people, mild climate, sandy beaches, beautiful architecture, and you can also be treated in health resorts. Consider the average price for the capital – Sofia. In the alternatives, the prices are about the same.


Another one of the cheapest countries in Europe for tourists and accommodation. Many medieval castles and Gothic churches, good Baltic resorts, delicious and cheap beer, charming Warsaw, narrow streets, cozy cafes, and reasonable prices – all this attracts tourists to Poland.


Montenegro goes hand in hand with Bulgaria – it is also the cheapest country in Europe in 2022, but Bulgaria is more budget. Montenegro has an ideal holiday environment: an amazingly pleasant climate, mountain and sea scenery, cobblestone streets, and red-tiled roofs.


In Romania, one of the cheapest countries in Europe in 2022, you can organize a stunning vacation. It is worth going here for medieval Wallachian cities, gloomy castles, ancient monasteries, and churches. Also, skiers and lovers of lazing on the beach will like it here.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is extremely popular. Here you can really have a budget vacation, especially if you know how to save money in the Czech Republic.

Traveling around the world does not always need a lot of money. It’s enough to have a mind, savvy, internet access, and to be a college student. Just keep in mind that you have to plan everything properly. It might require some time, and it could be challenging to do during the exams period. However, you can always refer to your best college essay writing service that will help you to save up some time on your homework and concentrate on planning your budget trip.

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