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Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are battery-powered bikes that are equipped with a motor to assist you while you’re pedaling. These bikes are growing in popularity, as they can help make cycling more accessible and more enjoyable to people of all ages and fitness levels. Made to ease the effort required from the rider, e-bikes work with you as you ride.

If you’re looking for a way to make cycling more enjoyable, or are looking for a more approachable way to add this super beneficial, low-impact exercise to your fitness routine, this comprehensive e-bike guide will help you get started.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best e-bikes by ride and break down the health benefits of investing in an e-bike. (Note: The specs, such as battery life and weight, provided will vary based on speed, ride condition and upgraded features you choose for your e-bike.)

Our Picks for the Best E-Bike:

Trek Domane+ ALR electric bike
  • Price: $5,049.99
  • Weight: 33.54 pounds (27.13 pounds without drivepack)
  • Max assisted speed: 20 mph
  • Battery type and life: Fazua Evation battery, 250Wh
  • Max estimated range on one charge: 60+ miles
  • Gears: Shimano 11-speed
  • Motor: Fazua Evation Drive Pack

The Trek Domane+ ALR is a standout as an e-road bike. Made for city commuters and road enthusiasts alike, this bike will assist you through your commute or provide a little extra oomph to keep you from getting dropped on a morning group ride. The 300 Series Alpha Aluminum makes for a sturdy and durable frame, giving you the feel of a true road bike that will get you efficiently over hills. This model comes in six sizes to fit most riders.


  • The motor and battery are one unit, so if you want a traditional, non-assisted ride, removing the drivepack will lighten the load by about 6.5 pounds
  • The motor is equipped with a smartphone app that allows you to monitor the battery level and customize your ride
  • Reviewers say the bike is sleek and lightweight and doesn’t drag when you’re riding unassisted


  • Crucial accessories, like the battery pack cover and safety lights, are an add-on
  • To control the motor via smartphone on the ride, you’ll need to purchase a phone mount

Purchase Trek Domane+ ALR

Alchemy eRonin
  • Price: Starts at $10,999 (price varies per customization)
  • Weight: Under 30 pounds; weight depends on size and customizations
  • Max assisted speed: 20mph
  • Battery type and life: 250 watt hour battery
  • Max estimated range on one charge: About 50 miles
  • Gears: Shimano GRX Di2 11-speed or 12 SRAM 12-speed (depending on model)
  • Motor: Fazua Evation

The Alchemy eRonin is handmade in-house by Colorado-based Alchemy and is the first American-made carbon gravel electric bike. Equipped with a Fazua Evation motor and made with lightweight Alchemy premium carbon, this bike is designed for long gravel rides in the saddle. Alchemy works with you one-on-one to build the exact bike you’re looking for, making this a standout.


  • The entire battery system is fully externally removable, making it easy to ride sans battery or quickly change it
  • The bike is handmade in Colorado for you and the shop will work with you to ensure the bike is assembled to your specifications
  • Features three water bottle and bento box mounts and will fit oversize tires up to up to 45mm with 700c or 2.1s with 650


Purchase Alchemy eRonin

Haibike Fullseven 5
  • Price: $4,650
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Max assisted speed: 20 mph
  • Battery type and life: 500Wh Yamaha lithium ion battery
  • Max estimated range on one charge: 35 to 40 miles, depending on terrain
  • Gears: 11 speed Shimano Deore
  • Motor: Yamaha PW-ST System

Made to help you tackle steep climbs, the Haibike Fullseven 5 is our pick for the best e-mountain bike. The aluminum frame is equipped with a RockShox suspension platform to help you comfortably cruise over bumps and other obstacles you may encounter on the trail. The Schwalbe Knobby Nic Evo tires and Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes are included to keep you safe on the ride.


  • The Yamaha drive system and battery are integrated into the frame
  • Safely tackle steep climbs thanks to the Yamaha PW-ST motor


  • This bike is made for mountain bike enthusiasts, so it’s not a good option if you’re looking for something that will be quick on pavement

Purchase Haibike Fullseven 5

Townie Go! 5i EQ
  • Price: $2,950
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Max assisted speed: 20 mph
  • Battery type and life: Bosch PowerPack 400
  • Max estimated range on one charge: 25-50 miles
  • Gears: Shimano Nexus 5-Speed (available in 3, 5 and 7-speed)
  • Motor: Bosch Active Line Plus, 250 watts

The Townie Go! 5i EQ bike has four modes of support—Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo—so you can control your own output and make adjustments to keep the battery life going. Unlike more aggressive bikes that have you leaning over the handlebars, recreational riders will love the upright position of this model. The “Flat Foot Technology” may offer more comfort for riders, as the way you sit on the bike makes it easy to get on and off without tipping to the side. The Bosch Active Line motor will help you keep a 15 to 20 mph speed on your commute or casual ride.


  • Electra’s Flat Foot Technology positions you upright on the bike, which allows for leg extension and ease of planting your feet flat on the ground
  • There are plenty of customizations you can do with this bike—from colors to racks and baskets to comfortable saddle and grips
  • The Bosch power pack charges to 50 percent in just 1.5 hours and hits a full charge in 3.5 hours


  • At 55 pounds, this bike is best suited for city riding. You wouldn’t want to take this off-roading and you may feel the weight if you attempt steep climbs
  • The Townie Go! 5i sits at the top of Electra’s price range

Purchase Townie Go! 5i EQ

Orbea Optima
  • Price: $2,899
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Max assisted speed: 20 mph
  • Battery type and life: Mahle 36V/6.9A 248Wh
  • Max estimated range on one charge: About 35 miles
  • Gears: Eight-speed Shimano
  • Motor: Mahle Hub Motor X35 Plus

The Orbea Optima features an easy access low-step frame, meaning you won’t have to reach high with your legs to mount the bike—making this a great bike for seniors or anyone who prioritizes comfort over speed. In addition, the swept-back handlebars make it easier on your arms and are beneficial for those with a lower range of motion in their joints. The Hidden Power rear drive on this model can provide assistance as needed.


  • The low-step frame makes this bike accessible for rides of all ages and abilities.
  • The simple controls make the bike easy to operate.


  • The upright position this bike places riders in may make tackling hills more difficult.

Purchase Orbea Optima

Ancheer Electric Bike
  • Price: $810
  • Weight: 61.7 pounds
  • Max assisted speed: 20 mph
  • Battery type and life: 36V/12.5Ah Lithium battery
  • Max estimated range on one charge: 25 to 46 miles
  • Gears: Seven-speed Shimano
  • Motor: 350W Motor

The Ancheer Electric Bike is beloved by Amazon customers. The e-bike is made with an ergonomic design for comfort and styled to look like a beach cruiser. It is equipped with a basket for storage, making it ready for a ride to the park or heading to the store. The 36V/12.5Ah Lithium battery can take you up to 46 miles on one charge. This bike is designed so the rider sits upright, which may be a pro for some and a con for others.


  • This bike comes in at under $1,000, but still offers many components you’d see on a higher-end model
  • Safety features include headlights and a built-in horn
  • Reviewers say this is a solid city bike


  • This bike is designed for leisurely riding, so this isn’t the most versatile option if you’re looking for a commuter or something to take to the trails

Purchase Ancheer Electric Bike

Jasion EB5
  • Price: $580
  • Weight: 49.6 pounds
  • Max assisted speed: 20 mph
  • Battery type and life: 360Wh lithium-ion battery; 5–6 hours
  • Max estimated range on one charge: 25–40 miles
  • Gears: Shimano 7-Speed
  • Motor: 350W Brushless Motor

If you’re looking for an e-bike on a budget, the Jasion EB5 is your best bet. While lower on price, the bike isn’t missing any key features. You can choose from three pedal assist modes depending on your needs and what type of ride you’re on. The e-bike is equipped with an LCD display, providing in-ride battery display. The 360Wh lithium-lon battery battery also offers a decent range per charge, making this a good option for a budget commuter.


  • This budget ebike is great for someone who wants an ebike without shelling out the big bucks.
  • You get a lot for the price: including headlights and taillights, an LCD display and an easily removable battery


  • Some reviewers say that without rear shocks, the ride is not as comfortable as they hoped.
  • While this is a great bike for the price, if you’re looking for something with a more prominent display or other features, you’ll have to spend more on a different model.

Purchase Jasion EB5

Velowave Electric Bike
  • Price: $1,599
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Max assisted speed: 28+ mph by pedal, 20 mph by throttle
  • Battery type and life: 48V 15AH LG cells large capacity lithium-ion battery, 4-hour fast charge
  • Max estimated range on one charge: 25-40 miles
  • Gears: Shimano 7-Speed
  • Motor: BAFANG 750W Geared Hub Brushless Motor

The Velowave Electric Bike offers three modes to help you customize your ride. You can choose from electric mode, pedal assist mode and classic bike mode. The bike is fitted with 26-inch by four-inch tires and an adjustable hydraulic suspension fork for a smooth and sturdy ride on multiple surfaces. The BAFANG motor promises a longer life and less maintenance. The Velowave is a great option for those who plan to do more casual riding in all weather conditions.


  • This fat tire bike allows you to take on diverse terrain—from sandy summer rides to gravel trails to snowy winter rides—with confidence.
  • The bikes comes equipped with an integrated LED headlight for safety.
  • Reviewers love that the bike is sturdy but handles with ease.
  • A throttle makes it easy to get up to speed without pedaling.


  • At 75 pounds, this fat tire bike may be too heavy for some riders.
  • Some reviewers report initial issues with the battery, but a warranty is offered

Purchase Velowave Electric Bike

Why Buy an E-Bike?

There are many benefits of an e-bike—and they’re not just for older riders. Everyone from newbies to seasoned cyclists can gain many benefits from riding an e-bike. An e-bike is designed to assist you on your rides and make it feel easier, but doesn’t modify the way you ride in any way. Overall, the physical and mental health benefits you get from riding a traditional bike will also come along with your rides on an e-bike.

One study that compared traditional mountain bikes to e-mountain bikes found that the average heart rate of those using an e-bike on their ride was 94 percent of the average heart rate of those using a conventional mountain bike. All that to say, when using an e-bike, the rider is still doing the majority of the work and reaching the threshold for improving cardio fitness, without the perceived exertion.

Studies have also found that e-bikes can be beneficial for someone who wants to get more exercise, but is worried about straining their heart, such as someone who needs to keep their heart rate within a certain range due to medical conditions. Another study advocates for the mental health boosting benefits an e-bike can offer seniors (and anyone) cognitive benefits.

The e-bike can also be great for commutes, helping you get to the office with ease—and help you show up less sweaty. Additionally, the assisted speed can help you keep up with other riders you normally wouldn’t be able to, opening up the possibilities for enjoying more rides, faster rides, and longer rides with friends, without getting discouraged or worrying about getting dropped.

Not ready to hit the road but still want the benefits of cycling? Try adding a Peloton Bike or an air bike to your home gym.

How to Use an E-Bike

Using an e-bike is similar to using a traditional bike. However, you’ll need to make sure that your battery is charged before each ride. Remember, the battery and motor are there to help assist you, but they won’t do the work for you. You’ll still need to be prepared to pedal on both flat surfaces and power through climbs.

What to Look for in an E-Bike


An e-bike’s battery size is measured in watt-hours. This number signifies the amount of energy in the battery and how many watts (power) it can deliver each hour. The higher the watts number, the longer you can go on a charge. However, some factors such as how fast you go or how much you depend on the bike to assist you, affect the range.


The battery on electric bikes is measured in volts. You’ll commonly see e-bikes with a 48-volt or 52-volt battery. The difference between the two numbers comes down to power and performance. A higher-voltage battery is more efficient, while the lower-electricity battery provides the same (or sometimes better) power for the bike.

Intended Use

Before purchasing an e-bike, you’ll want to think about your intended use. Are you a newbie looking for something you can take on the road? Are you looking for a commuter bike that can get you to and from the office in maximum time with minimum effort? Or are you ready to hit difficult terrain with a mountain bike? From there, you’ll be able to research and find the best bike to fit your lifestyle—and budget.


The battery is a key component to making the e-bike work for you. Most e-bikes have removable batteries so you can bring them with you to charge them. Think about how long you’ll want to ride and how much assistance you’ll need. Keep in mind that the more you rely on battery power, the shorter the life will be.


As you can see from our list, e-bikes can greatly range in cost. It will be an investment you’re making in your health and fitness, so you’ll have to consider your budget as well as what you want to get out of this bike. Are you looking for something that you can ride more casually? There are many cost-effective options you can find on Amazon or even used bikes at your local bike shop. On the other hand, if you’re an avid cyclist or looking for a commuter that will essentially replace your car that has some extra features, you may be looking at bikes that are similar in cost to a low-end car.


What happens when an e-bike’s battery dies?

You’ll still be able to ride, your ride will just require more effort. It’s just fine to ride an e-bike when the battery is dead, you will just have some extra weight from the battery and will have to exert more effort.

Do electric bikes charge when going downhill?

No, electric bikes are not made to charge when going downhill. The only way to recharge the battery is by plugging it into a power source to charge.

How far can an electric bike go?

This depends on a variety of factors including the bike’s battery, the terrain of the ride (hills, flat road, trail) and the weight of the rider. Typically, e-bikes will have a battery range of 25–50 miles per ride.

Should I charge my e-bike after every ride?

You likely will not need to charge your e-bike after every ride. Again, this will depend on a variety of factors including how far you ride each time, or if you’re planning a long ride for the next day. Typically, it’s best to charge it post-ride once the battery drops below 40 percent.

Can you ride an electric bike without pedaling?

Some e-bikes have a throttle, which means that you can engage the motor without pedaling. But with most, you’ll still have to pedal the entire time—the battery and motor are there to assist you, lessening your effort without taking away the benefits of a ride.

Do I need to wear a helmet while riding an electric bike?

Check your local laws. Different states have different rules on who needs to wear a helmet. In most places, a helmet for adults is not required. However, it’s often a good idea, especially if you’ll be riding around cars or on rough terrain.

Final Thoughts

Adding an e-bike to your fitness arsenal can be a great way to help you take longer rides, or for an older person to get back into fitness. The benefits you’ll see are tremendous—from riding longer to help with your physical health to mental-health boosting benefits of getting outside for a ride. There are plenty of options to choose from that can fit your budget and fitness goals.

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