How To Keep Your Green Thumb Active In The Winter, According To A Gardening Expert

Who says gardening ends at the first nip of cool weather? Tim Flood says, “Learn to extend your outdoor season – both early spring and later into fall!” Take time to talk to an expert at a local garden center or do research online to learn a bit about your area’s late season growing opportunities. “Depending upon where you live, you can plant cool-season veggies and flowering plants that love the cooler weather,” Flood suggests. “Rip out those tired annuals and plant some pansies, snapdragons, and flowering kale – and in the veggie garden, plant late crops of the cabbage family and your favorite salad greens.”

You may need to take a few extra steps and be creative in this process, but you can still produce a beautiful and fruitful garden for a longer period of time in most areas. Per Flood, “Add a simple cold frame against the sunny side of your house and get some greens growing there too during the winter.”

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