I’m a gardening pro – how to add thousands to your home’s value by improving the backyard & curb appeal is so important

WHAT if you could add thousands of dollars to your home’s value, without changing a single thing inside?

One expert said that focusing on the backyard is key to making your home more appealing and helping it sell for a big payout.

Treating your yard or garden as the centerpiece of your home can increase its value


Treating your yard or garden as the centerpiece of your home can increase its valueCredit: Shutterstock

Outdoor spaces are becoming more important to prospective homeowners, with 85 percent of home buyers putting a garden toward the top of their wish lists.

According to UK-based expert Lisa, a professional home stylist who spoke to Toolstation, the idea of “curb appeal” goes beyond painting your front door and keeping a tidy lawn.

“Showing maintenance of your garden already gives the impression you care for your home inside and out,” she explained.

Keeping up your lawn and garden also shows buyers what their future could be like.

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A well-maintained – and thoughtfully-designed – garden will also make things easier for future buyers by requiring fewer repairs and less upkeep year after year.

That being said, don’t go overboard by adding water features, fire pits, and other big-ticket amenities.

“It’s also good to keep in mind that people will need to maintain what you have created, so do not make it too complex,” Lisa warned.

Instead, focus on creating sensory interest with a variety of colors and textures. Add paved stones to a garden path, and make sure to pick fragrant flowers.

Lisa added that outdoor lighting, good storage, and security features are also ways to add instant value to your home.

When your backyard is cramped, you can still boost curb appeal by taking a creative approach to the garden area.

“If you lack outdoor space, then inject color with window boxes or pots,” Lisa recommended.

You can also add color and give your home a curatorial effect with potted plants and vases interspersed among your garden plants.

If you don't have much green space, make use of potted plants and garden boxes


If you don’t have much green space, make use of potted plants and garden boxesCredit: Shutterstock

Try using potted plants to border your patio and create another level of greenery in the backyard space.

Take a close look at your fence, too. You don’t need to replace it when you sell your home unless it’s badly damaged, but fences can almost always use a facelift.

While you’re at it, repair and renovate the garden shed, making sure to clear leaves from the top and cover any staining or discoloration.

“Scrub or wire brush fences and sheds, and re-paint or varnish,” Lisa said.

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If you’re constrained by finances, consider well-placed landscaping gravel or mulch to conceal any ugly spots.

“For budget options, pea shingle will cover a multitude of sins and grotty paving or concrete,” the expert said.

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