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A simple apartment can quickly be transformed into something beautiful by growing plants and vegetables as well as other things that suit the apartment dweller’s creativity. There are several ways to create a balcony garden, including vertically hanging baskets, pots, jars, and planters on the balcony wall. 

Growing and maintaining plants on your balcony will not only improve the view from inside your apartment but will also give this easily overlooked or underutilised area a true feeling of purpose. But how do you start a garden in an apartment or condo without a proper garden? Well, Here are 5 tips to consider when diving into balcony gardening.

1. Assess your space and sunlight

First and foremost, you must evaluate all the parameters necessary to support good plant growth in your space and climate. Consider how many hours of sunlight your balcony receives, how much space you have for pots and containers, and how much protection your plants will have from the elements. This will assist you in setting up your balcony garden so that your plant’s growth is maximised.

2. Survival of plants is essential

It’s simple to pick plants you love, but if you want to prevent disappointment, let the sun and the space available guide your choices. You won’t be sorry. Before you make any plant purchases, think about which way your balcony faces and how much sun the plants will receive each day. Similar to how you arrange your balcony, you should also think about the environment there; if it’s going to be windy, you can get ideas from plants that do well in windy gardens and so on.

3. Wall them up

The secret to maximising surface area when working with a variety of smaller or strangely shaped balcony settings is to be inventive. Consider adding vines or DIY shelves to empty walls to create an extended display. However, keep in mind that these plants will be exposed to more wind, rain, and harsh sunlight; therefore, choose succulents and hardier plant species that can resist a sudden change in the climate.

4. Right pot = Better plants

Different pot lengths suit different plants with some needing walled-up containers while some require deep pots for that extra root growth. One of the simplest veggies to grow in containers is tomatoes which do best with five to six hours of sunlight each day. Growing peppers in containers is also a simple process. They will need a deep pot—at least one foot deep. Short carrots can be grown on a balcony if you have a container that is deep enough to accommodate their lengthy taproots. To avoid fungal troubles, avoid overwatering and keep the leaves dry.

5. Add in those furnishings

Last but not least, if you have the space, choose some chic outdoor furniture to serve as the focal point of your balcony garden and serve as the ideal place to have a morning cup of coffee when the weather is beautiful.

Plants that can be grown on your balcony

– Parsley

– Basil

– Rosemary

– Thyme

– Dill

– Tomatoes: cherry tomatoes

– Peppers: small hot pepper varieties also

– Short carrots

– Peas


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Start small and see how tending those plants fits into your schedule; you can always add more. Limited space and time can be difficult to manage, but with a little planning, you can make the most of your small garden.

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