New guidelines in place for Fort Myers beach travel 

Monday, October 17th and Tuesday, October 18th, travel to Fort Myers Beach will be forbidden for all non-essential personnel. That includes all residents. Only those actively working on removing debris from the island and restoring utilities will be granted access. 

“The first thing we need to do is get the debris cleared. So that people can start rebuilding,” said Bill Veach, a member of the Town of Fort Myers Beach Council. 

Large amounts of debris still remain on the island. According to the town, approximately 11,000 cubic yards have been removed already. 

“There’s an enormous amount of things going on, and you can tell by the traffic,” said Veach. 

The temporary measure will be used to further help the community deal with the growing vegetation and demolition waste. 

“In my mind, they’re going very, very quickly. I think it was 14 days after people got on the island after Hurricane Charlie. Years ago. Now we are about two weeks from the storm. They have gotten so much debris cleared. People are getting electricity back, getting water back,” said Veach.

FEMA will cover the debris removal expenses for 60 days post-storm. Fort Myers Beach could extend this restriction in order to capitalize on that time frame. 

“They (the County) wanted more exclusive time. Because looking out here right now you see it. There’s traffic. Not all that traffic is debris removal and FP&L and that,” said Veach. 

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