Securing the wellness of Dlamini community through gardening

Inkaba Yam ise Dhlamini (IYD) organisation started a food gardening project to help better the lives of the locals and feed hungry.

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The project commenced three months ago, at the Soweto Old Vister near Dlamini 2 Multi-Purpose Hall.

Before the establishment of the gardening Centre.

The food gardening project began with only 48 members as a group stokvel, where each member contributes R100 every month. The initial plan behind this project is to uplift and grow the society of Dlamini.

Dumisani Dlamini, the leader of IYD and an active member of the food gardening project said it is important for him to witness the community experience wealth altogether instead of just one person.

“If we can work together as a unity, we can be able to pick each other up and transform the economy of our community through farming,” said Dlamini.

So far, they deal with vegetables to help sustain the community and with the hopes of growing and venturing into livestock and being able to distribute to big super markets while reducing the high rate of unemployment.

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However, this does not only serve the economic side of the community, it is also a safe space to be for Nonhlanhla Ngwenya, one of the members that help in the garden daily.

“We all have problems at home and one of the things that help me to go through them is coming to the garden. It releases stress and my heart becomes at peace,” she said.

Being young means having the passion to change your community for the better.

Nohlanhla Ngwenya, Themba Zulu and Swazi Baninzi at the food garden centre.


Creating an environment that will not only bring wealth but also restore lives as well as lost dreams. This is exactly what Dlamini and his team are doing.

“It takes me away from loitering in the streets trying to feed my drug addiction.

“So, I am replacing the amount of time I spend smoking by coming here every morning to take care of the garden through watering the plants,” said Themba Zulu, member of the community.

This place is a true definition of what it means to turn ashes into beauty. Before the whole establishment of the project, the place was covered with weed and now it gives meaning to life for residents.

They hope to receive support from the community as well as possible sponsors.

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