Mark Wahlberg Works Out In Temecula Encouraging Physical Fitness, Fun

TEMECULA, CA — What did a Temecula fitness center do when Mark Wahlberg dropped in for a visit? Give him a workout pass, of course.

The megastar spent some time in town over the weekend and shared his experiences first at EōS Fitness gym and later at the F45 Training gym in North Temecula over Instagram.

Wahlberg arrived at EōS Fitness before 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning and was stunned by the crowd of people working out in the early morning hours. According to the gym, there were nearly 40 people there that time of day, exercising.

“The 4 a.m. club is alive and kicking in Temecula, California at EōS Fitness,” he said over Instagram. “I came into the gym, I figured 3:25 a.m., I’d be by myself this sh– is packed like a nightclub. People are doing it right, aspiring to be better, there’s some team training going on in here.”

Resident Bryan Dodson was there and had a chance to meet Wahlberg at the gym and have a conversation. “He lives near Vegas,” Dodson wrote over Instagram. “He was in town for his daughter’s equestrian competition.”

Wahlberg ran into two Great Oak High School graduates, Ethan Paul and Kai Tyquiengco who were there for their 4 a.m. morning weight training workout.

“I’m here with Kai and Ethan, these guys are 4 a.m. clubbers in Temecula on a Saturday morning,” Wahlberg shared in a quick Instagram Reel with the pair. “These guys are off the charts, keep up the good work.”

It may have seemed like a surprise, but Stars don’t just drop in unannounced, according to EōS Fitness General Manager Luis Ortuno.

“His pilot came by and said he might want to come to work out a few times over the weekend,” Ortuno told Patch. The gym obliged Wahlberg with a pass for the weekend to come whenever he wanted.

With EōS Fitness being a 24-hour gym, it worked for his schedule.

“We were just expecting he’d have a low-key workout, but instead he was talking with people there and trained with several of them. He posed with staff members and seemed to have a great time. It was cool to have him post on Instagram about EōS Fitness.”

Wahlberg and his crew dropped by to check on the Margarita Road franchise in which he is an investor.

Just a casual picture with Mark Wahlberg, as instructors Tyler Millan, Terence Sykes, and Rocio Peters mugged with the actor. (Tyler Millan, Photo).

Wahlberg is an investor in the F45 Training program, franchise owner Tyler Millan tells Patch.

“He showed face and chatted with the members between classes, it was huge,” Millan said. “Ever since Wahlberg became a supporter of the F45 program, it has been a huge motivator for our members.”

According to Millan, Wahlberg hung out awhile and talked training with those present.

“We got a tip from someone that works for him that he might swing by,” Millan said. Wahlberg didn’t work out but did take the time to talk fitness with the crowd.

“At F45 in Temecula, it’s en fuego,” Wahlberg. “If you want to get in shape and change your life, get down to F45 in Temecula.”

Find F45 Training North Temecula at 41493 Margarita Road, Ste. G101.

Find EōS Fitness Temecula at 32413 Temecula Parkway, Ste. 400.

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