A local teacher receives an award from the California Association of Science Education

Claudio Razo earned an award from the California Association of Science Educators Upper Elementary Teacher of the Year Award, also known as the CASE Award. She is the only teacher in the Palm Springs Unified School district to receive this year’s award. The President of CASE accompanied her when she walked the stage at the Palm Springs Convention Center to receive her plaque. A colleague, Deborah Gordon, nominated Mrs. Razo for the award. As a Cabot Yerxa Elementary School teacher, Mrs. Razo teaches TK – 5th grade.

Claudio Razo is taking a photo with the CASE President

“I got an email saying, hey, like, congratulations; you’ve been awarded this case, you know, California Association science of educators award,” says Razo. She thought it was spam. “This isn’t real, is it?” says Razo.

News channel 3 asked Mrs. Razo where her passion for science came from.

“Hey, I’m the science person,” says Razo. “And I’m going to be doing science, and I’m going to make sure I teach science in the classroom. And especially nowadays, like just like, with everything that’s been going on in the world, I’m like, science is so important. And just to get those kids exposed to it, you know, and like, understand it and get excited about it”.

In Palm Springs, from October 14th – 16th, awards were given to teachers. To learn more about CASE, visit their website.

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