Shenaz Treasury shares tips to travel more responsibly

There has long been a push for sustainability in travelling, using more eco-friendly measures to move around from one place to another, so as to reduce the carbon footprint and not burden local communities. Avoiding plastic, carrying your own bottles, switching off lights, fans and AC when not in use are some of the basic things a tourist can and should do.

Actor and social media blogger Shenaz Treasury, who keeps posting informative content related to travelling on her Instagram, took to the app once again to post about responsible travelling.

Next to a video montage of her various recent journeys, Shenaz wrote, “We’ve all heard about sustainable, green, ethical and ecotourism. We are now finally hearing about destinations, hotels, airlines and other tourism companies branding themselves as eco-friendly and sustainable.”

The actor continued, “The increase in tourist numbers on destinations all over the world has a negative impact on resources, the environment and local communities.”

Shenaz also pointed out that some places — like Ladakh — are suffering from the “negative effects of tourism”, which is why it is “really important for us to be responsible travellers”. “There are negative side effects of travel — the place gets burdened and collapses. Example – Candolim beach in Goa, [which] used to be pristine,” she wrote.

In the video, the travel blogger shared some essential tips on how to explore a place in a responsible manner.

* Pack light, since every extra kg can add to carbon emission, she wrote.
* Use public modes of transport.
* When out shopping, carry your own bags made of cloth to hold the items.
* Support local businesses, buy from them.

* Choose accommodations that are sustainable.
* Carry an all-in-one adapter to plug in your electronic devices.
* Don’t waste food; instead, carry a ‘dabba‘ or a tiffin box to take home the leftovers.
* Carry your own water bottle everywhere and refill it from time to time.
* Instead of littering, carry a bag to keep your waste products and then dispose of it in a waste bin when you find one.

Do you already follow these methods?

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