Wellness Travel In Brazil: Hotels, Activities & Spas

Brazil inspires visions of lively beaches to bathe on; dense, natural landscapes to explore; and a colorful nightlife to enjoy. And with all that action, certainly you’ll need some rest right alongside it. So when you’re visiting Brazil, it’s all about finding your balance of adventure and rejuvenation.

And the bustling metropolis of São Paulo will offer ample opportunities to do both. It’s the most populous city in the country and serves as its financial center. It’s a hot spot thanks to the young, diverse communities that call the city home: The art, entertainment, and wellness scenes are all thriving there.

And after getting your fill in the vibrant urban setting, be sure to sneak away to the breathtaking surroundings—whether that’s to retreat to a wellness spa and hotel on the city’s outskirts, hiking through the Atlantic coast rain forest, lounging at a nearby beach town, or making your way to an archipelago island.

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