UMD Hockey Rink and Fitness Center Received New Name

The “Richard Haney Multipurpose Rink” and the “Mick McComber Gym”

DULUTH, Minn.–UMD’s hockey rink and gym gets renamed to remember past outdoor recreation leaders.

The workout area and indoor hockey rink are both part of UMD’s Recreational Outdoor Sports Program (RSOP). The fitness part of the campus has been named “The Mick McComber Gym”. McComber has dedicated over 30 years working for RSOP and directed the program from 2003-2020.

His predecessor, was Richard “Dick” Haney and he served as the program director from 1975-2003. The multi-purpose rink was build in the late 1980s and the surface transitions from ice to turf throughout the sports seasons. It will now be referred to as the “Richard Haney Multipurpose Rink”.

Former RSOP Program Director, Mick McComber says, “It was always about the students. UMD and RSOP offer incredible opportunities to learn, grow, explore and be well”.

Former RSOP Program Director Richard Haney adds, “With recreational sport outdoor programming we talk about mind, body and spirit. We took the theme of a healthy active lifestyle and connected it to the outdoors as a theme. I think it’s still used today maybe in a few different words”.

The naming ceremony took place today to give thanks to McComber and Haney for dedicating their careers to helping students remain active within the outdoor recreation department.

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