Best Fitness Products Of 2022

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A well designed home gym is a fool-proof way to ensure you never miss a workout.

Regardless of your fitness level — whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast — creating the perfect home gym for your needs can get a little tricky.

To help, we’ve researched and selected the best fitness products on the market so you can get in an epic workout, both at home and on-the-go.

Best Fitness Products in 2022

These are our favorite fitness products for 2022 (and beyond).

Best Portable Punching Bag: Grodex Reflex Punching Bag

Grodex Reflex Punching Bag

Grodex is a family-run business with durable boxing fitness products. Over 50 models are available with unique shapes to help a person practice different techniques. Fitness products get produced from 2.8 mm thick leather. Perfect for any home or professional gym because customers can choose products based on the size they need. The training process will improve the athlete, prevent injury and make the overall experience enjoyable.

Features of the product

The portable punching bag is made from genuine leather and can fit any size room because of its compact nature. Boxers get a full-blown exercise that targets their entire body with the reflex bag.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Genuine leather


What customers say

Customers recommend the product because of its durability and help with overall speed and strength building.

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Best Portable Double-End Bag: Grodex Double End Bag Mechanism

Double End Bag Mechanism
Double End

Features of the product

The double end bag is a game changer, helping you train defense, precision work and speed.

Due to its easily movable base, you can use it at home or in the gym. It can stand vertically or horizontally.


  • Encourages speed
  • Can be horizontal or vertical
  • Suitable for home or gym use


  • Some gym enthusiasts may view it as too small

What customers say

Customers view products from Grodex as durable and efficient. The product is highly recommended by those who own it.

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Safest Kettlebell: Grodex Kettlebell

Grodex Kettlebell

Features of the product

Grodex kettlebells are made of leather to protect your wrists and hands while working out. Fitness tools like kettlebells are classic due to how many different workouts you can do with them. With the leather anti-slip handlebar, no need to worry about the kettlebell slipping during your workout.


  • Anti-slip
  • Durable
  • Safe on hands and wrists


  • The product is expensive compared to the traditional kettlebells

What customers say

The client satisfaction score for the company is high, and customers mostly have good things to say about its products.

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Best For A Full Body Workout: Grodex Saturn Ring Fitness

Grodex Saturn Ring Fitness

Features of the product

The Saturn Ring provides the ultimate full body workout experience. It’s made from Italian leather, and the ring shape enables speed, power and balance improvement.


  • Encourages full body workout
  • Genuine Leather
  • Versatile


What customers say

The Saturn Ring is the unique gym equipment fanatics can enjoy using for full body exercises. Quality and durability are two of the reasons why clients appreciate products from Grodex.

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Most Versatile: Onnit Sandbag

Onnit Sandbag

Founded in 2010, Onnit promotes optimal health through active lifestyles, cognitive performance and overall well-being. Supplements from Onnit provide improved cognition, mood and relaxation, gut health and immunity support through scientifically proven and high-quality ingredients. Their fitness products are chip resistant, innovative and best for traveling or home training.

Features of the product

A sandbag is a simple and effective training tool made up of an inner bag (called a filler) filled with sand and inserted into a durable outer bag. When you move, the weight of the sandbag shifts, so you get a dynamic and challenging workout.


  • Full body workout
  • Versatility
  • Portable


  • It does not come with sand, so you must obtain it separately.

What customers say

Customers love the bag’s durability and how intense the workouts are. The bags don’t break easily, no matter the pressure, and if damaged outside of warranty, Onnit will replace them.

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Most Affordable Kettlebells: Onnit Kettlebells

Onnit Kettlebells

Features of the product

The chip-resistant coating on Onnit Kettlebells allows you to withstand your most punishing workouts. A kettlebell workout combines explosive strength with muscular endurance for a workout that’s both efficient and athletic


  • Chip-resistant coating
  • Builds core strength
  • Super affordable
  • Enhanced grip handle


  • Some customers complain about the handles of some of the primal series kettlebells

What customers say

Customers love the kettlebells from Onnit. They praise the products for quality and reasonable pricing. The shipping time is fast, and the packaging looks great.

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Best Primal Fitness Products: Onnit Clubs and Maces

Onnit Clubs and Maces

Features of the product

These supreme quality 100% steel clubs will enhance your exercise experience. In ancient Persia, heavy clubs strengthened the grips, shoulders and rotational cores of soldiers and wrestlers.


  • 100% steel
  • Strengthens grips and shoulders
  • Balance of glide and traction
  • Affordable
  • Portable


  • This product may not be suitable for those with shoulder injuries

What customers say

Customers love the exercise experience they receive from this product. According to them, the equipment is both practical and enjoyable.

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Most Innovative: Onnit HydroCore Bag

Onnit HydroCore Bag

Features of the product

Navy SEALs use Zodiac inflatable boats on top secret missions, which inspired the HydroCore Bag design. Even under the most rigorous workouts, this bag claims that it won’t leak. Easily foldable when done using.


  • Foldable
  • Durable
  • Anti-leak
  • Non-slip grip


  • Customers complain that they can’t completely drain the water out of the bag. However, it still functions as promised

What customers say

Over 170 customers praise the product for its versatility and durability under intense pressure. The HydroCore Bag is safer than most products and allows users to receive a complete training experience — with the extra challenge of water.

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How We Picked Our Winners

When it came to picking the best products for your fitness routine, we looked at a few different things, including product quality and portability.

Here’s a deeper look at our shopping considerations.


We chose equipment that’s versatile for a variety of exercises to save money and space.


From kettlebells to clubs, all products mentioned are stable, durable and well-crafted.


We looked for items that work for home gyms of all sizes — and those you can throw in your car and take with you to the park or on vacation.

Customer reviews

All the products mentioned above have a high percentage of positive customer reviews.

How to Choose Fitness Products For Your Gym

There are many factors to consider when shopping for home gym equipment, and here are a few to keep in mind:


How do you want to train? When your space or budget does not allow for multiple pieces of equipment, you should prioritize items that meet your current fitness needs.


Fitness products can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. If you choose products with fewer high-tech features, such as touch screens and Bluetooth capabilities, you can save money, but you shouldn’t sacrifice safety or quality.


Even though high-quality gym equipment can break, it’s essential to understand what type of warranty the manufacturer or retailer offers.


Reviews will help you make a better decision based on people who have experienced the product. What customers have to say can save you from purchasing a poor-quality product.

Types of Fitness Products

There are various types of fitness products out there. These are some of the most popular.

Tech fitness products

Fitness enthusiasts have numerous high-tech options available to help keep them moving. Fitbits, smart scales and high-end workout machines like Peloton will motivate you when you’d rather sit at home.

Products for at-home

Portable and affordable, these products can fit in almost any space and are relatively inexpensive. For example, Grodex Saturn Ring makes a great workout tool while adjustable dumbbells save space (and money).

Products for travel

These portal fitness products can fit into any car and easily travel from one place to another. For example, the Onnit HydroCore Bag is water-based and can get folded to pack for travel.


Here are some more common questions you may have.

Which fitness routine is right for me?

The first step in choosing the best workout routines is determining your needs. Before you begin creating your dream routine, ask yourself:

  • How often do you currently exercise?
  • How much time do you think you can put aside for working out per week?
  • What is your burnout time, and how much can your body take?
  • What is your fitness goal, and how do you plan to achieve it?
  • Do you have a set workout time? The recommended time for newbies is 30 to 40 minutes per workout.

These questions will help you set the perfect routine to meet your needs and goals. The following is a full breakdown of an ideal fitness routine.

Invest in full body workouts

Most people focus on improving specific parts of their bodies, but the perfect workout routine works your whole body. It takes time for results to appear, and no best ab workout completely removes belly fat.

You have the foundation for the perfect workout routine with a balanced, full-body workout schedule. Although you may not have thought about strengthening your back or toning your triceps, paying equal attention to all your body parts is the key to looking and feeling your best. If there is a particular part of your body you wish to target, don’t worry. You can do a few extra exercises working on this part each week, but be careful not to neglect the rest.

You will burn more calories and lose fat more quickly by doing a full-body workout routine. Also, muscles will have more time to recover between workouts, giving you better results with fewer exercises.

How do I pick what style of fitness works?

Your style preference depends entirely on your needs, and each style fulfills a particular purpose for the body. It’s best to focus on strength training if you’re looking for strength.


Almost anyone can benefit from yoga. Its effects include improving balance and flexibility, and it also helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate.

High-intensity circuit training

A high-intensity circuit training program combines resistance exercises with high-intensity movements to build strength and improve muscular fitness.

Strength training

Full body sessions that target the legs, hips, back, chest, abs, shoulders, and arms are examples of strength training. Strength training involves working on all of the major muscle groups in your body.

Low-intensity cardio

Initially, you can start working out by walking or jogging. Do this regularly in your fitness routine, even if you include more intense workouts. You can improve your aerobic capacity with it.

High-intensity interval training

You may be required to slowly ease into higher-intensity training if you are starting your fitness journey or have not done it for a while, as it can be challenging and requires a level of strength and coordination needed to execute. High-intensity interval training usually involves explosive exercises and plyometrics.

Is there the best way to stay fit?

The best way to get — and stay — fit is to find a routine that works for you and your lifestyle. Here are some ways to stay fit:

Engage in daily exercise

Do at least an hour of exercise daily, this can include things from simply walking; to an intense cardio workout; to doing a CrossFit class — the intensity will depend on your needs, goals and fitness level. You can also invest in items like a jump rope and foam roller to add to your home gym. Additionally, make sure you stay hydrated, stretch and eat foods with a decent amount of protein after every workout to help keep your muscles from breaking down.

Healthy eating

Don’t give in to your sweet tooth. Even though it may only be one candy bar, it will eventually become a chain reaction. You should eat fruits and vegetables when trying to get in shape. Apples, for instance, make the stomach feel full for three to four hours, while green vegetables, such as green beans and broccoli, keep the digestive system healthy.

To help keep your muscles strong and ready for exercise, eat lean meats and seafood. Turkey, chicken, and shrimp are some great choices. The secret to a good metabolism is to portion the food you eat. Plan out eating six meals a day and set smaller portions instead of having three large meals throughout the day if you want to lose weight. When you work out, you will also breathe smoother than huffing and puffing for air because you will have less food in your digestive system, which means you will use more energy for exercise.

Track your calorie intake

When you keep track of the calories you consume every day, you can plan out your physical exercise better. Bodybuilders have muscular bodies because they plan their meals and consume more healthy calories than the average person. However, if you’re trying to lose weight , you will need to be in a caloric deficit in order to lose weight, meaning you’re eating less calories than calories burned.

Sleep for 6 to 8 hours daily

While most adults work eight hours a day or night, sleeping is crucial to recharge our bodies. Six to eight hours of sleep will help you keep going during the day, but if you feel tired after coming home from work, take a small nap before you exercise. If you sleep for half an hour, you will not be able to stay up late.

Stay Motivated

Set goals and maintain a positive attitude to achieve your fitness objectives. Staying positive will help you stay motivated until you achieve your health goals.

What are the differences between home gyms and traditional gyms?

When you are short on time, a home gym may be more convenient because you can do a quick workout. However, you may have little space and more distractions when at home. With a gym membership, you’ll have access to all kinds of gym equipment and a variety of group classes. Plus, you can work with a personal trainer if you want.

What are the benefits of owning home gym equipment?

Investing in a home gym setup is worthwhile if you plan to train regularly and your workouts are equipment-based. You’ll also save time and money by not traveling to the gym or paying for a membership.

Are home gyms effective for building muscle?

You can perform numerous exercises in the comfort of your home to gain or lose weight and build muscle. A setup does not create the perfect body. It’s regular exercise and commitment to self that does.

Do you have your fitness routine figured out?

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all industry. People respond differently to things. Reaching your goals will be easier if you choose the right tools. Give our list a try, and let us know what you think.

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