Eckerd marine science student embarks on research semester at Duke Marine Lab – News

“I am a strong proponent of students doing semester experiential programs,” Smith says. “I think it’s good for a student to really explore and experience other institutions and have international experiences or internships. All it takes is a little academic planning.”

Now that he’s settled in at Duke, Deidric says the experience and connections coming from this semester are going to be pivotal in his career. In January, he will return to Florida to resume his academic program at Eckerd. All of his classes at Duke are comparable to required classes on Eckerd’s marine biology track, so he’ll stay on course to graduate in 2024.

“I love Eckerd, but I really like that I get this experience to learn new things that I couldn’t learn there,” Deidric says. He is excited to bring all of this new knowledge back with him in January.

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