Experts Predict Busy Travel Weekend for MEA Break

(KNSI) — Thousands of Minnesotans are expected to hit the road or the airport this MEA weekend.

If families are traveling by air, the Metropolitan Airports Commission expects long lines at security checkpoints and flights at capacity. In a statement, the MAC says they have beefed up staffing levels to deal with the rush.

“MEA break is traditionally a popular vacation time for Minnesotans, and we’re prepared to welcome and help travelers get off to a great start to their fall vacations this week,” said Brian Ryks, CEO of the MAC, which operates MSP. “We anticipate a couple of heavy travel days at the front end of MEA break, with some peak departure activity occurring around the earliest flights on those days.”

If families are going by car, they’ll find a gallon of regular unleaded is hovering around $3.84 for the national average, that’s up 17 cents from a month ago. Patrick De Haan with Gas Buddy says prices will trend down slightly over the next couple of weeks. AAA says fears of a global economic recession led to a drop in crude of $7 a barrel, which may have kept a lid on rising gas prices for now.

Around Minnesota, the current price is $3.71, up just four cents from a month ago. Gas in the St. Cloud area is around $3.61 a gallon. Some of the highest gas prices in the state are in the Twin Cities and the North Shore.


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