‘The Fire Science Department Gives Students the Ability to Perform at a Higher Level Globally’

As I look back on my last four years as a Charger, I am grateful for the wonderful opportunities I’ve had as a fire science major, both in and out of the classroom. I’ve also had the support of my professors and an extensive and accomplished alumni network.

October 20, 2022

By Trevor Holmes ’23

Trevor Holmes ’23 and his classmates in New York.
Trevor Holmes ’23 and his classmates in New York.
Trevor Holmes ’23 is a volunteer firefighter in Seaford, Delaware.
Trevor Holmes ’23 is a volunteer firefighter in Seaford, Delaware.

There have been many opportunities I have had during my time at the University of New Haven thanks to the fire science program. Specifically, in the arson investigation concentration, employers are looking to make an immediate hire upon graduation. That I am grateful for, as the ones who came before me put in the hard work and dedication to make the program what it is today.

The program’s dedication to public service continues to grow year after year, as alumni continue to strive for larger goals than the ones previously set. That is also helped by the faculty and staff who provide students with the best education possible.

While some students may get two lectures a week then go home, that is simply not the case at the University of New Haven. The professors integrate the time to get both lectures and hands-on training within the credit hours. So once students learn a new subject, we get hands-on learning in the state-of-the-art labs within the Fire Science Department.

‘The amazing school that we are’
Trevor Holmes ’23.
Trevor Holmes ’23.

Many of our students currently volunteer at their local fire departments, and they can take their education back to their peers all around the globe. The University has alumni around the world spreading the word of the amazing school that we are today. I was grateful to be a part of both the University’s Centennial celebration and the Fire Science Department’s 50th year celebration. The Fire Science Department gives students the ability to perform at a higher level globally.

I am the proud President of the Fire Science Club on campus, which provides students with experiential learning opportunities through lectures, live demonstrations, and various outreach programs. Through the Fire Science Enhanced Learning Community, I was able to meet my three roommates who I live with today and many more friends who I interact with daily.

The program also has a tutor for the Fire Science program, which is an excellent resource. So, if any students need help with their fire science courses, the tutor is readily available. This is an amazing asset to the program and to the University.

Trevor Holmes ’23 is a fire science major at the University of New Haven.

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