47 Interesting Science, History, And Art Posts That Were Shared By This Twitter Page

Infotainment has to be our favorite way to spend our coffee breaks and commutes. Equal parts informative and entertaining, it’s the kind of internet content that instantly hooks you in and doesn’t want to let go.

The next thing you know, you’ve spent the last couple of hours reading Wikipedia, jumping from articles about science and the animal kingdom to analyses of historical events and art movements. A single quality social media post can reignite your curiosity and remind you just how much fun it can be to learn new things about the world.

The popular ‘Fascinating’ Twitter page, aka @fasc1nate, is home to some pretty interesting science, history, and art facts from around the world. We’ve collected some of their coolest pics and most mind-blowing facts to share with you today. You’ll find them below, so scroll on down and upvote the pics that got your attention the most. Go on, take a break, and have some fun. You deserve it.

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