Students Explore New Cognitive Science Major in the College of Arts and Sciences

A new cognitive science major within Cornell’s ​​College of Arts and Sciences was approved earlier this year. Now, the major, coordinated by director Prof. Shaun Nichols, cognitive science, and program manager Julie Simmons-Lynch, is open for the first time this fall semester.

“The major, and cognitive science itself, is rooted in the idea that in order to understand the mind, we need to draw on the discoveries and tools of many fields, including psychology, philosophy, computer science, linguistics and neuroscience,” Prof. Nichols and Simmons-Lynch wrote in a statement. It is especially distinct in its merging of technical and humanistic-focused fields, according to Prof. Nichols. 

The program teaches the discoveries of cognitive science while also equipping students with the technical skills to investigate a wide array of topics, from artificial intelligence to human behavior. While the College of Arts & Sciences has successfully maintained a cognitive science minor for over thirty years, the new major emerged out of student demand and Cornell’s internationally distinguished cognitive science faculty.

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