Eye on Travel – Tampa – October 22, 2022

This week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel comes from Tampa and the city’s first five star hotel, The Tampa EDITION (which opens this week). Peter is joined by Mayor Jane Castor who reports on the city’s growth during the pandemic, the waterfront developments and the continuing influx of new residents, not to mention the challenge that growth presents. Part of that growth? The explosive cutting edge food scene in the city, with 16 new award-winning chefs, including Dr. Jamaris Glenn, Co-Owner and Creative Director of 7th and Grove, who explains how social movements allowed for his business to flourish. Switching gears, it’s one thing to entertain U.S. troops overseas (remember the old Bob Hope battlefield tours?). It’s quite another to enlighten the troops. Lindsay Miserandino, Executive Director at Arts in the Armed Forces, highlights the importance of entertaining and connecting with the troops. Barbara Tripp, Tampa’s first female Fire Chief, talks about fire safety on the road. And Gary Leff, Founder of ViewFromtheWing.com, discusses how travelers are getting less value for their mileage points. And then, in spite of that, how to get the most out of the reward programs. There’s all this and more on this week’s Eye on Travel from the brand new Tampa EDITION hotel.

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