12 Packable Free People Pieces With Secret Travel Benefits

Some people think that the actual planning of a vacation is the most enjoyable part, but there’s no question that packing for a trip can quickly overshadow the fun parts of  planning. Whether you’re trying to fold everything into a small enough suitcase to fit into the overhead bin or to meet the weight requirements and avoid oversized baggage fees, packing for any length of time can be, well, stressful. Forget having to sit on your suitcase in order to zipper it because Free People has a surprising amount of packable fashion we somehow never noticed before.

While anything can technically be considered packable, these Free People finds were created with travel convenience in mind. Look for puffers that double as travel pillows, a bucket hat that folds into itself, and a rain jacket that can also wear like a sling. Because these items were made with practicality in mind, they’re all super lightweight so you won’t worry about maxing out the luggage weight limit. The multifunctional qualities of each item will also leave plenty of room for the souvenirs you promised your loved ones you would bring back.

Whether you’re packing for a cold-weather getaway traipsing through the snow or heading to an island destination, these 12 space-saving, versatile clothes and accessories from Free People will work double duty for you on your next vacation. And because they’re all designed with comfortable fabrics, you’ll probably find yourself reaching for them even when you’re not far from home.

Poppy Packable Puffer Jacket

Whatever cold locale your travels lead you to, this puffer jacket will be your go-to. It’s lightweight and can be folded and compressed to fit into the smallest of spaces or packed up to resemble a duffle. One reviewer called it, “perfect in every way.” They added, “[It] packs down nicely in the sack to fit in my hiking backpack.” Shop it in eight colors.

To buy: freepeople.com, $168 

Pippa Packable Puffer Jacket

Like the Poppy Jacket, the Pippa has a quilted nylon design for comfort and also folds to fit into small spaces — like its own pocket. Simply pack up this jacket into its own interior pocket to create a small pillow, ideal for bringing on flights or long car rides. It’s also available in a similar cropped version, so you can find the one that suits your style.

To buy: freepeople.com, $198

Singin’ In The Rain Packable Jacket

No matter the destination, it’s more likely than not that your vacation will, at some point, include rain. We’ve all been there. You won’t need to stress about packing yet another jacket with this very lightweight option available in four colors. It’s wind-resistant, waterproof, and, best of all, packs up neatly into its own back pocket to become a hands-free sling. One happy shopper who gave the bag a five-star review said, “It was the perfect weight for summertime but would also keep you a little warmer during the cooler months. It’s very roomy to layer underneath.” 

To buy: freepeople.com, $168

RUMPL Harbor Blue Nanoloft Puffy Poncho

Colorful and functional, this puffy colorblock poncho is fleece lined and waterproof but still quite compact. It contains a secret drink pocket for holding water bottles while you’re walking the trails, and it can fold into itself to make a handy travel pillow or to save space when you’re packing. Don’t let its sleeping-bag look fool you; this puffer was made with portability in mind.

To buy: freepeople.com, $250

Pippa Packable Puffer Suit

Hitting the slopes? While we can’t reduce the size of your skis or boots, we can tell you about this full-length ski suit that easily folds up into its back pocket like a pillow so you can bring it along easily wherever you go. Its small packable size also makes it a great option for overnight camping trips, when the temperature can unexpectedly take a nosedive.

To buy: freepeople.com, $348

Chaparral Convertible Hike Onesie

Adventure seekers heading to a destination with unpredictable weather will appreciate this lightweight nylon onesie. Wear the full look over long sleeves or a tank depending on temperature, and use the zippered knee feature to convert it into a shorts romper on warmer days. This convertible jumpsuit is like packing two outfits in one.

To buy: freepeople.com, $148

Pippa Packable Bucket Hat

If you’re looking for a hat to prevent heat from escaping your body and keep out the wind, the Pippa Bucket Hat offers protection and space-saving features. Use the drawstring to customize a secure, cozy fit. And, like its jacket counterpart, this bucket hat easily folds into itself to take up virtually no room in your suitcase.

To buy: freepeople.com, $88

Arizona Packable Wide Brim Hat

Beach seekers heading to tropical locations will quickly discover a rare quality of this 100 percent paper straw hat: It easily fits into your suitcase. One reviewer, who loved her purchase, reported, “Traveled with it both ways in my suitcase and it never lost its shape.” While the hat is somewhat structured when worn, it can be folded to fit compactly in your bag.. Shop the wide-brimmed look in three earthy tones.

To buy: freepeople.com, $68

Cold Snap Fleece Balaclava

No longer just for skiing, a balaclava can also make a fashion statement while keeping you cozy without the volume of a chunky hoodie. More than a hat and less than a hooded fleece or knit sweater, this faux fur fleece option will keep your warmth under wraps from head to shoulders, without adding bulk to your baggage. For a lighter option, try this knit one that doubles as a hat and scarf.

To buy: freepeople.com, $48

Anna Sui Floral Stripe Balaclava Top

Free People

This super lightweight balaclava-meets-stylish-top is a great transitional piece for sunny daytime to cooler night, saving you the hassle of packing for both. Skip the extra hat and scarf and wear this top so you can pull up the hood if the weather calls for it. The lightweight top is an easy additional layer to tote, weightless enough to fit in a day- or handbag. 

To buy: freepeople.com, $370

Mariella Chunky Arm Warmers

Bulky sweaters are one of the biggest luggage space occupants, but these handy arm warmers eliminate the need for one. When heading somewhere that has variable temperatures, pack these arm warmers to top off a light sweater or wear with jeans and a T-shirt. They provide extra warmth and comfort without the magnitude of a full sweater. 

To buy: freepeople.com, $38

Mayim Collapsible Carabiner Bottle

We realize this one isn’t considered travel-friendly fashion, but it is definitely worth a mention. For active vacationers who need to hydrate but don’t want to bring along a heavy or hard water bottle, this collapsible silicone style can be customized depending on how much liquid you have. It also fits nicely in your carry-on bag sans bulk.

To buy: freepeople.com, $20

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