Teacher Turned Fitness Model Has To Block Former Students To Keep Them From Seeing Her OnlyFans Content – OutKick

Why teach in the classroom when you can do some teaching behind a paywall on the internet? Many teachers made the career change during the pandemic, including Louise Roberts.

The 40-year-old quit her job as a math teacher to become a full-time fitness and OnlyFans model. The move has been a beneficial one for Louise. She’s grown her Instagram following to more than 185,000 to go along with more than 254,000 on TikTok.

The large social media following has helped her to create a sizable OnlyFans following and increase her earnings to more than $560,000 since leaving teaching.

Louise Roberts OnlyFans Model
Former teacher turned fitness model (Image Credit: Louise Roberts/Instagram)

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some downsides to the new career path. Louise revealed in a recent interview that some of her former students have found her social media accounts and attempted message her.

That’s caused her to have to be vigilant about who is following her and block any of her former students that she comes across.

“They find you on Instagram don’t they?” she said. “Like ‘oh my God, you used to teach me, you’re well fit’, and I’m like, ‘blocked.’”

“They’ve got nothing else better to do,” she continued. “Obviously it’s big news; Miss Roberts is on OnlyFans.”

“I’ve had to be really careful about trying to block people. When I first started, I had people DMing me so obviously I had to block them.”

Don’t Expect The OnlyFans To Be Shutdown

Louise obviously didn’t quit her job to create content for her former students. That said, she knows they’re going to make every attempt to get an eye on her exclusive content.

That just comes with the territory for former teachers turned OnlyFans models. Like other former teachers, former students trying to sneak a peek isn’t going to cause her to close up shop.

“I’ve just had to try to accept the fact that there will be ex-students who will find me on there, they will try to screenshot something and send it to their mates,” she said.

“I could get really upset about it, and stop doing OnlyFans and close everything down, but then I’ve got to pay the bills and live my life.”

You can’t blame her for that. The math here makes too much sense. She’s found her true calling and it’s as a high level content creator, not a teacher.

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