1Cover Comprehensive Travel Insurance Review – Forbes Advisor Australia

1Cover Comprehensive Travel Insurance is available to all ages, and includes children up to age 19 in an adult’s plan–if the child is not in full time employment and is travelling with you 100% of the time.

Personal liability is covered up to $5 million, while credit card fraud is also covered up to $5000. While the insurance covers cancellations of its plan if policy holders decide it is not best for them, there are cancellation terms depending on your circumstances.

It also covers connecting flights if the layover was more than four hours and car hire excess of $5000, which can be increased to $6000, $7000 or $8000.

Lost luggage

1Cover Comprehensive Travel Insurance covers lost luggage up to the value of $15,000. For individuals requiring higher values, additional luggage cover can be added on at various rates depending on the value.


Unlimited overseas medical and hospital expenses are covered. Pre-existing medical conditions are also covered, but need to be disclosed prior.

Is dental cover included in medical?

The 1Cover Comprehensive Travel plan does include dental, however it is limited up to $1000.

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