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While any way you move your body is better than no movement at all, it can be a difficult feat to find a workout — or workout program — that works specifically for you and your fitness goals.

Personally, I’ve been there, and while I’m not looking to crash diet or lose a certain number of pounds, I feel at ease when (1) there’s consistency in my routine, (2) the workout isn’t too intense and (3) I feel good both during and after movin’ and groovin’.

Though I’ve been using the P.volve platform for less than a month (so far), it has already changed the way I work out for the better. It makes me excited to workout, excited to tone my body and excited to improve.

As a former dancer and lover of anything cardio, HIIT and pilates, I’ve always been focused on mobility-focused workouts and ones where I would tone, maybe do some light weight training and see results over time. For my preference, I’ve never been into nonstop 40-minute workouts where I would end up exhausted, fatigued and sore the next day.

What is P.volve? How does it work?


P.volve is an online fitness program — which also has an in-person studio in NYC — that combines low-impact, functional movement and specially designed fitness equipment to effectively tone, sculpt and strengthen.

“Unlike so much of our competition, we really prioritize the body’s function alongside the physical results you might see,” Rachel Katzman, founder at P.volve, told the New York Post. “Our workout method is designed with the female body in mind, and that means we can truly support them at all stages of their life – because women’s bodies are constantly changing and in need of different things.”

If you’re looking for a more lifted booty, more sculpted arms and more defined abs, P.volve is the picture-perfect platform for you. How it works? Once on the platform, you can select plans or take classes independently.

P.volve is on a mission to change the conversation around fitness. For so long, women have been taught a pain equals gain mentality, and that looking good comes at the expense of feeling good. I started P.volve to help teach women at all stages of their life that this isn’t the case, and that they can get the physical results they’ve dreamed of and feel good too. 

Rachel Katzman, founder of P.volve

The fitness classes go hand in hand with the equipment, and P.volve offers several à la carte options and bundles. I’ve been using the Essentials Kit, which is $30 off for all New York Post readers with the promo code NYPOST30, which is automatically applied when you use the link below.

P.volve Essentials Set

The Essentials Kit is a full-body bundle that contains P.volve’s patented P.ball and P.band, along with 1.5-pound ankle weights, a heavy ankle band and gliders. Plus, it’s $30 off with code NYPOST30. This kit includes a three-month membership as well.

How much is P.volve? Pricing, memberships and more


P.volve offers a monthly or annual membership, with the annual pricing being the best option which comes out to $8 monthly. Its curated equipment kits come with a three-month digital membership as well.

“All memberships include access to our robust on demand library, live classes powered via Zoom and a free consultation with a trainer,” Katzman adds. “We also have memberships at our studios (currently open in NYC, LA and Chicago, with a lot more cities coming in the next year!) where members have unlimited hybrid access to the P.volve Method.” This includes unlimited classes at the studio level, access to the brand’s on demand library and live virtual classes and first access for studio events and launches.

For a program that’ll redefine the way you work out, I believe this is a fair price. It’s like having a personal trainer with you every step of the way, as every online workout is guided and uses the equipment in a way that will work best for you.

P.volve Benefits


I could go on for hours about the benefits of P.volve, but boiled down the fitness platform to a few main points.

P.volve has versatile class options

The bread and butter of what makes the brand unique is its versatile fitness class options: strength & sculpt, cardio burn, progressive weight training and recover & stretch:

  • Strength & Sculpt: This is P.volve’s signature workout, blending controlled sculpting exercises with resistance training to strengthen and tone the entire body. It incorporates both standing and mat work and people will engage every muscle while also improving balance and mobility, leaving them feeling stronger and more energized. 
  • Cardio Burn: This is a low-impact cardio class that increases your heart rate with increased reps, faster pace, and planks and jumps throughout. After understanding the foundation of Strength & Sculpt, people will master the proper form as they move through these faster-paced classes. 
  • Progressive Weight Training: This is one of P.volve’s newest class offerings, launched in the last year. It’s a full-body strength-training class designed to overload muscles as you utilize heavier weights to build lean muscle and avoid plateauing. It’s so important to incorporate heavy weights, especially as a woman, as women naturally lose muscle mass and bone density as they age. Heavy weights also increase metabolism and are great to be incorporated if weight loss is a goal. 
  • Recover & Stretch: P.volve’s methodology prioritizes proper recovery to make sure the muscles are not overworked. Recovery is so important to actually achieve the best results. These classes are designed to relax the muscles and relieve stress in the body using restorative techniques and stretching exercises. They increase mobility and help lengthen the muscles, as well as bring a sense of calm to the mind and body. 

Additionally, P.volve offers a category of programs called Movement Therapy, which are tailored to physiology, age and goals. They include the brand’s women’s health-focused workouts and target specific needs — like back strengthening and hip release — to feel good.

P.volve prioritizes human function and the woman’s body

Unique to P.volve, the brand has a woman-leaning focus which is super important to me. Since I’ve never had a personal trainer, something I’ve always been curious about is how to work out effectively during my time of the month (TMI, but it’s a question we all inevitably have at some point).

What’s more, P.volve has developed programs to support all these stages from the pelvic floor, endometriosis, menstrual cycle, fertility treatment, pre- and post-natal and menopause. “Additionally, we have programs that can help with certain pain points someone may experience, like back, hip, ankle, wrist pain and more,” she adds.

The equipment is purposefully crafted to aide your workout

Sure, you can pick up a pair of dumbbells and resistance bands on Amazon but P.volve’s equipment — specifically, its Essentials Kit — is unmatched when paired with the brand’s mission-minded classes.

“Like our methodology, our equipment is also purposefully created to give women the results they’ve always been after,” Katzman notes. “We have three pieces of patented equipment, our P.ball, P.band and P.3 Trainer, that are unlike anything that you’ve ever seen in the market. They are all designed with such precision to activate muscles (both the major ones and the smaller), supporting muscles that other pieces of equipment and workouts don’t engage.”

P.volve Review

P.volve Review
I took a 45-minute class with P.volve’s lead trainer, Maeve McEwen, and it was great learning about proper form and how to work out my lower body properly.
Victoria Giardina

My first experience with P.volve to steer me into my membership was a 45-minute personal training session with Maeve McEwen at P.volve. Not only were all the movements strength and mobility-focused but she corrected my form during our lower-body workout and explained to me how workouts focusing on the human form are beneficial for the array of P.volve offerings.

While I didn’t have my Essentials Kit at the time of this session, I noticed a huge difference when my kit came in the mail and I started taking online fitness classes. All of the pieces are made of great quality and I felt them toning and strengthening my body throughout the class!

As for my favorite classes, I thoroughly have been enjoying the Standing Full Body Sculpt, Full Body Mobility and Hip & Lower Back Opener (the latter being especially beneficial to my ‘dancer’s hip’ which, if not taken into account, can lead to injury. The fact that P.volve has classes catered to specific biological and personal needs is extraordinary.

I’m also a big fan of P.volve’s Progressive Weight Training catalog. I’ve been taking both the upper and lower body workouts regularly as it adds a bit more elevation to day-to-day sculpting.

The Bottom Line


Overall, P.volve is my current favorite fitness platform of choice. For transparency, I have tried others, but none is more intentional and effective than P.volve. For $30 off right now with promo code NYPOST30, you can snag the Essentials Kit and a three-month membership to get you locked and loaded before the new year.

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