Bowman’s Travel Brief: Problems With Plane Seat Sizes

This past week I flew down to Cancun, Mexico for ALGV’s Ascend conference, which was my first time hopping on a plane in over a month.

It was my longest break between flights this year, and as soon as I sat back down on the plane, both getting there and coming back, I was once again reminded of how ridiculous plane seats are today.

I was upgraded to comfort plus on the flight down to Cancun but back to economy on the return flight home to Atlanta, Georgia.

Riding coach is always an interesting experience. If you’re in the aisle or window seat, you’re waiting with anticipation that nobody shows up for the middle seat. If your ticket is already set to the middle seat, you know you’re dreading the flight ahead.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Economy seating sizes need to increase. Take the size of those comfort plus seats and make it the norm. My return flight home would have been a much better experience for all, especially for the super jacked gym bro who was stuck in the middle seat next to me.

I’m well aware that money rules all and packing as many people as they can on a plane equals more profit growth for the company.

The prices of tickets have raised due to inflation, but people haven’t let that stop them from traveling. If the prices raise because the seats got bigger and now there are just fewer people on the flight, I firmly believe people are still going to buy tickets. Cars can only take us so far. We have to fly to travel. recently asked the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to speed up the process to increase the size of airline seats.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is concerned that FAA officials will approve a proposal from airlines to make the minimum approved size of seats even smaller. He wants travelers to complain to FAA about smaller airplane seats. You have until November 1 to get those complaints made.

I think it’s abundantly clear the public wants improved seats on airplanes. Will the airlines do their part to make that happen? Sadly, I doubt they will.

Is the size of a plane’s seat your biggest air travel pet peeve, or something else?

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