Connecticut ‘lacks grit’; go to Massachusetts instead, travel writer says

A travel writer who has been to all 50 states has a few suggestions on where to go — or not to go — on your next trip.

Katherine Parker-Magyar, a freelance travel writer, stated although there’s “no bad state to visit” in an article for Yahoo, there are a few that are overhyped — including Connecticut and New Hampshire.

“If you’re headed to New England, consider skipping New Hampshire in favor of Maine or Vermont,” she wrote, later adding that “some devotees swear by the charms of New Hampshire’s lake region — Lake Winnipesaukee, in particular. As beautiful as it is, I recommend heading up a little further to the rugged and remote Moosehead Lake in the Maine Highlands for a truly immersive wilderness experience.”

She also suggested skipping Connecticut for Massachusetts.

“Connecticut — one of the richest states in the nation that’s perfectly situated as the entrance to New England along the Eastern Seaboard — simply lacks grit,” she wrote.

Massachusetts has “real New England bravado,” according to Parker-Magyar, including old salts, Red Sox fans and Irish pubs.

The travel writer has been to 6 continents, 70 countries, all 50 states, and studied abroad in London and Osaka, according to her website.

But Parker-Magyar isn’t the only one with opinions on the matter. Residents have long been debating the Connecticut versus Massachusetts debate.

“Ah, Massachusetts. Or as I like to call it, ‘Better Connecticut,’” one person tweeted.

Another social media user said Connecticut won the debate because of the New Haven pizza.

“Connecticut is solidly the second worst state in New England, after New Hampshire,” one Twitter user said replying to a question about which state is better.

“Connecticut is to Massachusetts what New Jersey is to New York,” another Twitter user wrote.

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