Donations result in fitness area for police

YORK – A very generous donation from a local church as well as donated labor and materials from local businesses have resulted in a new fitness area at the York Police Department.

York Police Captain Russ Coffey explained, “We value and appreciate every one of our employees who are working hard, long hours and under a tremendous amount of stress at times. In looking at different ways to help improve their work environment and quality of life, we identified that an employee wellness program would be beneficial in many facets. We know that wellness programs help with employee physical and mental health, employee productivity and morale, as well as help with employee retention and recruitment. Additionally, we understand that the physical and mental health of police officers is important to help us keep our community safe. However, funding the project remained a challenge.

“When I was approached by a donor, inquiring if there were projects at the police department which needed financial assistance to complete, different ideas were brought forward,” Captain Coffey said. “Ultimately, the members of the First Christian Church decided to help the police department with the implementation of a wellness program as they felt it would be beneficial to the officers as well as the community as a whole.”

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Captain Coffey said the department “sought expertise from people with years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. After outlining our goals, they made recommendations on the amount of space needed, the type of flooring, ventilation concerns and the various times of equipment. This required minor renovations in the basement.”

Two local businesses – A+ Construction and Jensen Lumber – contributed to the project in the areas of labor and materials. Captain Coffey said officers also donated their time to help.

The renovations in the basement included the moving of a wall and moving the locker room to a different space. Then came the revamping of the floors, walls, etc.

“Once the fitness room was completed, we brought in Jared Kallio with RPE Fitness, who is helping employees by providing guidance in working out, how to reduce stress and maintain a healthy life,” Captain Coffey said. “Moving forward, we hope to continue to grow and expand on this project as we continue to look at the various avenues of employee wellness. This is something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time, as it is good for officers’ physical and mental health. The officers are utilizing the new space, it’s a great addition to the station. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this project. Without the financial donation and other contributions, none of this would have been possible.”

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