Indoor Gardening Planters : the fieldhouse

The Fieldhouse is a cutting-edge, virtually flawless method of producing young greens inside your home. Invented by Alexine Pack and Alex Colodny of Leath, The Fieldhouse offers gardeners a fast seed-to-eat cycle that yields up to 7 ounces of plants in just 7 to 12 days. Additionally, you can put the planter in any place a houseplant would go, and early harvesting results in better nutritional density and more nuanced tastes in the veggies and herbs.

Consumers can choose between pea shoots, sunflowers, baby arugula, baby broccoli greens, baby medley, and baby radish greens. The Fieldhouse grow system comes with a glass measuring cup, a spray bottle, a dual-purpose germination lid/cutting board, and a Full Spectrum LED grow light with a diffuser.

The Fieldhouse is available on Leath’s website for $295 USD.

Image Credit: Leath

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