Jabra Elite 4 Active Review

The Jabra Elite 4 Active earbuds rip up the rulebook when it comes to audio design. During our testing, we’ve found that the vast majority of the best running headphones (opens in new tab) have either plastic hooks or silicone fins, applying pressure around the inside or outside of the ear to keep the headphones in place. The Jabra Elite 4 Actives have neither, yet they stayed in our ears throughout sprints, squats, handstand push-ups and skipping. So, what gives?


Smart enabled/compatibility: Yes

Waterproof: Water resistant, IP57

Battery life: 7 hours (up to 28 hours with charging case)

OS support: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Noise-canceling: Yes

Well, the brand has designed a set of headphones with clever, ergonomic frames that rest gently against the ear, offering a similar security to other models without the intrusive plastic or silicone extras. We really liked this natural feel, which was so comfortable we might’ve forgotten we were even wearing them (if it wasn’t for the great sound). 

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