Fitness guru Susie Sweetman starts CPR class

ALTON — Popular personal trainer Susie Sweetman, who now joyfully wrangles a venture for Colman’s Country Campers, in Hartford, became inspired to teach what’s known as CPR, which stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, of which she’s passionate.

Sweetman was inspired by her friend and co-worker, now deceased, who collapsed at her employer’s, where she was the only one who knew CPR at the time.

“God works in mysterious ways, ” she said. “I work at Colman campers, managing the campground there, and a guy, who was my friend, went down in the shop,” Sweetman recalled. “I went running over to him because no one really knew CPR, and I didn’t even think about it —  I just started compressions. Most everyone was panicked.

“This guy was such a fun-loving man, and he did pass away, but I felt good that I offered CPR,” said Sweetman, who manages Colman’s 5 Diamond Campground. “Colman then hired someone and they trained the staff and now they all know CPR.” 

Sweetman shortly thereafter became CPR certified through the American Red Cross.

“To my knowledge, we, in this region, do not have hardly anyone from whom you can get your CPR training,” Sweetman noted.

“Personal trainers, teachers, coaches, et cetera are required to have that CPR training,” she said, “which is something I can do. I can help people. I can do it on my own time. I already taught three classes.”

Sweetman can schedule classes at offices, homes, her house, etc. She’s flexible.

“I’m mobile and do it anywhere, anytime,” she said.

Sweetman encourages group classes, not only because it’s more people learning CPR, but it gives a price break. The basic class is CPR Adult and Pediatric.

“With four to six people and families, I can do the classes more affordably,” she noted.

“For an individual it could cost $75, but for six people I’ll charge $60 and for 10 people I’ll charge $50. It’s not about the money,” Sweetman said.

The basic class includes First Aid CPR and AED, which stands for automated external defibrillator. 

“Most people don’t have AEDs in their companies. It’s very expensive,” Sweetman said, “but OSHA requires different things. Just like with Nautilus, I did CPR training with every employee every two years. We had AEDs on site. 

Mannequins used in the classes also are pricey.”

“That December day here at Colman, with my friend, that’s what inspired me to do this,” she said. “I was proud of myself that I didn’t panic. I just did (CPR). When the time came, I knew exactly what to do. That’s why certification training is required every two years. You have to be proficient at CPR to do it in real life. Every two years, training gives you the confidence to pull it off. “

Sweetman teaches CPR from infants to adults and corporately, which could require AED training. She suggested to make an appointment or form a class with family, friends, groups or corporate.

“If a family wants to do it, I offer infant CPR, which also is great for grandparents and sitters,” Sweetman said. “You really need to know how to do it. Grandmothers who watch their grandchildren, they could be the only ones there, just like that December day here at Colman, with my friend.”

To make an appointment or form a class with Sweetman, call 618-920-6816.


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