Green Garden provides indoor gardening options in North Canton

Jamie Kattman co-owns Green Garden Indoor Garden Center with his son Erik. The North Canton business provides equipment and materials for hydroponic and soil gardening.

NORTH CANTON – After nearly 20 years offering furniture repair, refinishing and restoration, Jamie Kattman wanted to return to a retail business, but not one that had him working 80-hour weeks.

He had worked during the 1980s for the former Circuit City appliance and electronics chain. He decided to start his own business and in 1993 opened North Canton Woodwork, refinishing antiques and furniture used in hotels.

But Kattman missed retail. He did some research, then partnered with his son Erik to open Green Garden Indoor Garden Center in February 2011. For a few years, the store in the Marc’s Plaza at 1664 N. Main St. doubled as home for North Canton Woodworks, but these days it’s dedicated to gardening.

Last year, the Kattmans doubled the store’s size by expanding into space next door. The additional room serves as a warehouse, allowing the Kattmans to store potting soil and display growing tents, hydroponic systems and other equipment.

“Pretty much anything you can grow outdoors, you can grow indoors,” Kattman said.

If you want home grown vegetables during winter months, all you need is the correct equipment and interest in tending a garden.

Kattman enjoyed outdoor gardening, so he had the background that helped him get started with Green Garden. His research showed that hydroponic gardening was a niche market with potential for growth. He also figured that large retailers ― Menards, Lowe’s or other big box chains ― wouldn’t want to get into such a niche market.

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