With almost 4,000 participants, Mexico city hosts the largest fitness trampoline class in the world

Mexico City has broken the Guinness World Record for holding the largest fitness trampoline class. The 45-minute-long class took place at Plaza del Plinth, a large public square located at the heart of the Mexican capital.

Around 3,935 people successfully participated in the record-breaking move on Sunday. Initially, there were 4,065 participants but out of these 130 people were disqualified as they were not able to fully comply with the guidelines set by the Guinness World Record. So, 3,935 people were added to the final count.

The attempt was supervised by Susana Reyes, the official adjudicator for Guinness World Records. The trampoline class took place at 10.40 am on Sunday. After the class, Claudia Sheinbaum, head of the Mexico City government, tweeted that the event broke the Guinness World Record for the largest fitness trampoline class. In her tweet, she wrote that engagement with sports is an effective way to keep young people away from violence.

The Mexico Detail Zero reported that participants in the trampoline fitness class were required to register through the government website of the Iztapalapa City Hall. People between the age of 14 and 60 years old were allowed to register.

This is not the first time that Mexico City has created a world record related to sports or fitness. In June this year, as many as 14,299 people took part in a boxing class and created the world record for hosting the largest boxing class in the world.

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